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Endoscopy Smart Capsule Swallow
Endoscopy Capsule
The Smart Capsule is swallowed by patient easily and moves through GI tract by natural peristalsis. No sedation is needed. No risk of cross infection.

Patients need to wear on the vest-like Image Recorder for approximate 8 hours. Digital images generated by Smart Capsule are received and stored in the Recorder. No necessary to ask the patients to stay with physicians or nurses all the time.

With the help of Workstation software, physician can download, playback and evaluate all the digital images at his convenient. Final clinical report can be generated and printed out.

The first-line tool for GI tract examination

Smart Capsule
A pill-sized miniature camera swallowed by patients. Picture taken automatically.
Transmitting digital images wirelessly.
Move along in digestive tract by peristalsis.
Support duplex communication.

Image Recorder
Designed like a vest, easy to put on or take off. Antenna array built inside.
Large capacity lithium battery built-in.
Receive and store digital images from capsule. Support duplex and multi-channel communication. Support multi patient diagnosis at same time on same site.

Interface to initialize diagnosis.
Support real time monitoring.
Send command and download/upload capsule parameter. Play back and report findings by physicians. 3-level user ID authentic.

Portable Viewer (Optional)
Portable tool operated via touch screen.
Support real time monitoring.
Wireless communication.
Send command and download/upload capsule parameter.


Safety and well tolerated by patients. No Sedation, no risk if cross infection.

Multi channel wireless communication technology: Allows up to 10 patients in diagnosis at same time on same site without interference to each other.

Advanced System Design: Enable command control and parameters adjust capsule in whole diagnosis.

Operation easy and simple: User friendly software interface. Image Taking process and clinical evaluation are independent.

Digital images of high resolution: VGA 640x480, 24bits true color, 300,000 pixels.