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SINAR HARAPAN SDN BHD. Black List this company

Sinar Harapan Dishonest Company in Kuala Lumpur

SINAR HARAPAN SDN BHD. Black List this company

I took a hacking machine to SINAR HARAPAN SDN BHD for service and repair on 8th of August, 2011

1) I specifically told the Owner Mr. Chong Siew Kuen that this was urgent and needed the machine within 3 days if he could achieve the goal. He said no problem; it would take one to 3 days maximum. So I gave him the service deal. After 11 days still not ready. On the 19th of August, 2011 still did not have the Machine. Unreliable

2) I specifically asked Mr. Chong Siew Kuen if they do the service in house, and he replied yes they do it in house. Dishonest. On 19th of August, 2011 I decided to pick up the hacking machine because they did not do as promised to service and repair. When we got there the staff said it was sent out to some other company for the service and it is not done in house as promised. They have now returned the machine but still charged a service fee for nothing.

3) They charged us RM 25 for service on top of this inconvenience and called it a service charge. Is this fraud? Or maybe even theft?

We have black listed this company for the non-service, dishonesty and non-performance.
See pictures of the shop and be very careful dealing with them.

Sinar Harapan

Sinar Harapan Sdn Bhd. Malaysia    Sinar Harapan Kuala Lumpur

Sinar Harapan repair receipt