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EBM offices are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, considered the “gateway” to the Southeast Asian region with access to countries such as: Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and the Middle East. Many large expatriate international communities (Chinese, Indian, Taiwanese, etc.) are established here, with their members living, working, and doing business in Kuala Lumpur.

Through Malaysia, you can take profitable advantage of the country's connections and relations with markets in surrounding Asian nations, while still working in a Western compatible environment.

Malaysia is an ideal solution for American and European companies looking to establish a base for Asian operations because it’s compatible with Western traditions and structure:

For more Information and details on how EBM can assist you to expand your business, please contact us.

EBM is an international management firm that negotiates corporate and government deals for American & European companies who want to penetrate the lucrative Asia Pacific region. With offices in Asia,  North America, and Europe, EBM has the local and international expertise to assist your business in penetrating the Asia Pacific region.

  • We provide you with introductions that can assist you in opening the doors of government and private enterprise in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Our many years of experience of negotiating deals between different cultures.
  • Our expertise of international business management.
  • We offer introductions to the proper market for your service or products.
  • Introductions to right contacts to make your venture happen.
  • We work right alongside you and your staff, putting our expertise and experience to work for you through every phase of your venture.