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Largest Delegation to Malaysia
Largest Delegation to Malaysia

Opportunity Malaysia 2005 Trade Mission in cooperation with the U.S.A. Commercial Service and Digital Media Network, Inc. (DMNI) will be in Malaysia from February 27 to March 6, 2005. This mission is comprised of some 30 top profiled businessmen and women on a working visit to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Kedah. This will be the largest ever U.S.A. business delegation from Florida to Malaysia. The group’s overarching aim is to strengthen commercial ties between Malaysia and the U.S.A. by finding new suppliers of Malaysian products, exploring partnerships to invest in Malaysia or the U.S.A., and selling more U.S.A. goods and services in Malaysia.

Digital Media Network is the company that has put together the complete Trade Mission on behalf of the U.S. Florida District Export Council. DMNI is a leading International Business Consultancy Firm that assists Malaysian companies seeking to penetrate the U.S.A., Latin American and the Caribbean market as well as U.S.A. companies seeking to penetrate the Malaysian and Southeast Asian markets. DMNI specializes in companies seeking joint ventures, merges, and acquisitions.

Digital Media Network has teamed up together with Electronic Business Management (EBM), now a sister company based in Malaysia. EBM’s Chief Executive Officer is Rosnah Majid, who is a former Minister from the State of Kedah and a well known journalist. With offices now in Kuala Lumpur and Fort Lauderdale, the two companies are well equipped to assist companies for all their international needs. This is the first of many missions to come. Any companies interested in doing business between the U.S.A. and Malaysia can contact DMNI, if they need any assistance.

The list of people on this mission is from only the highest level which makes this mission even stronger. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you an introduction of some of the members joining the mission from Florida.

Joining the mission will be Dr. Ray Ferrero, Jr., President of Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Dr Ferrero was awarded as one of the most influential people in education in the U.S.A. He is interested in meeting with the Minister of Higher Education, Dato' Dr. Haji Shafie Haji Mohd Salleh, and other higher level decision makers for building a university or university partnerships in Malaysia. He is also seeking to meet with private investors who are interested in building a private university.

Nova Southeastern University is an award winning university, which is the tenth largest private university in the U.S.A., with branches located in the Bahamas, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, United Kingdom, and Venezuela. NSU specializes in onsite and distance learning and its School of Business focuses on Entrepreneurship which most universities do not cover.
Other fields that NSU specializes in are: • Education • Computer Science • Math • Science • Technology • Business / Entrepreneurship • Health. NSU prepares their students for lifelong learning and leadership roles in business and the professions.

I believe this will be a great opportunity for Malaysia to be able to team up with a University of this stature. To have Dr. Ferrero join us on this mission, already speaks for itself. Dr. Ferrero sees that there is a lot of opportunity in Malaysia for higher education. He is not like other presidents of universities, which are mostly professors and educators. Dr. Ferrero is purely a businessman and that is what makes Nova Southeastern University different from other universities.

I am also happy to announce that Captain Winston Scott, Executive Director of the Florida Space Authority, will be joining the mission. As a former NASA astronaut, Captain Scott is well known for having retrieved a multi-million dollar satellite that was lost in space. Florida Space Authority is a sister company of NASA and is a world leader in the space industry. Captain Scott is seeking partnerships and joint ventures in the space industry, comprised of education, space tourism, and space transportation. He believes that Malaysia can become the Hub of the Southeast Asian Region for future space travel.

Captain Scott would like to meet with the Minister of Science, Technology, & Innovation, Dato' Dr. Jamaludin B. Mohd Jarjis and the Minister of Higher Education, Dato' Dr. Haji Shafie Haji Mohd Salleh. It was said by the Minister of Higher Education that he would organize a talk by Florida Space Authority to all Vice Chancellors of all universities in Malaysia and top education officials from his ministry.

Dr. Norman Samuels, President of The Center for Severe Obesity, Inc. will be joining the mission. Dr. Samuels has experience and expertise for the past 20 years in the performance of obesity surgery and managing and running a profitable office based practice restricted to the pre and post- operative management of obesity surgery patients. This has required close coordination with local hospitals.

Obesity is a worldwide problem. For those who are "morbidly obese" defined as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or above, approximately 100 lbs. overweight, the only effective treatment is obesity surgery and the preferred operation is a Roux-en Y gastric bypass. The surgery produces permanent weight loss and resolves most of the associated co-morbidities, such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea etc. Because of this, these people can again become healthy productive members of society. The total cost of the surgery in the U.S.A. is $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 but this cost is recovered in about 3 1/2 years by elimination of the cost of treating the co-morbidities.

Dr. Samuels is interested in training surgeons, their personnel and assisting in setting up Obesity Surgery Centers in hospitals and possibly clinics or medical offices in Malaysia. He would like to meet with public health officials, government health policy makers, persons responsible for both private and governmental health decisions, as well as local hospital administrators, physicians and surgeons, nursing and operating room personnel. If negotiations are productive, psychology and dietary professionals must also be included.

Fred Rogacki, Chief Executive Officer of International Warehouse Services (IWS) will be attending the mission. IWS is a warehousing and distribution company that occupies over one million square feet of Foreign-Trade Zone (60% of the space in the free trade zone) in Port Everglades Florida. IWS is the largest and oldest ( 20 years) logistics provider in the region. IWS is seeking companies that are interested in having their products sold and distributed either in the U.S.A., or to Caribbean markets via South Florida. Their services include warehousing, freight forwarding, order processing, inventory control, and trucking.

Skytruck Corporation’s President, Lance Maclean is looking to joint venture with a Malaysian firm to sell Skytruck aircrafts that are appropriate for the Southeast Asian markets. The Skytruck is a PT6-engined high-wing cantilever monoplane of all-metal structure, featuring a steer able nose-wheel to provide for operation from short, unprepared runways where hot or high altitude conditions may exist. The Skytruck is suited for passenger and/or cargo transportation and is the ultimate solution for multiple-mission usage.

Skytruck’s combined commercial success, exceeds more than 750 General and Utility Aviation Aircraft Sales during the last 15 years. Armed Forces, such as the Venezuelan and Indonesian National Guard have chosen the Skytruck based on the aircraft performance and their corporate sales support and services.

Jerry Schroer, President of EastWest Aircraft Sales, Inc., is dedicated to providing their customers with quality-care services in the location, purchase, sale, and delivery of new and used turboprop and jet aircraft worldwide. They specialize in Cessna Caravan, the truly unique aircraft that can carry almost two tons of people and freight at speed up to 185 knots. They buy, sell, and broker turbine and jet powered general aviation aircraft. EastWest Aircraft sells more Caravans around the world than any other company. They are interested in meeting small companies that would like to become an agent for EastWest Aircraft for the Southeast Asian region.

Brian Sanz, President of Fox Croft Trading, Inc. will be joining the mission. Fox Croft Trading is the third largest pharmaceutical wholesale company in Florida and is seeking independent regional pharmaceutical importers and whole sale companies with interests in buying medicine from the U.S.A. and Canada. They are a provider of medicine from the U.S.A., Canada and Europe on name patient basis. Fox Croft Trading has been selling to health ministries in South America. They can supply any hospital, doctors or clinics with over 100,000 FDA approved medications. They have been doing exports of pharmaceuticals for the past 11 years to over 20 countries.

Chris Cronje, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alpine Engineered Products, Inc., is interested in companies in the building component supply industry, wood or steel framing roof trusses. National Design and Engineering firms could also benefit from the services offered by Alpine, relating to software. Alpine Engineered Products has engineering design software for complete building structures in wood frame and steel for residential and commercial structures. Software based on Roof truss design with complete load analysis throughout the entire structure.

Theo Voyatzoglou, President of Cubicorp, is interested in meeting with value added resellers, system integraters, consulting companies in the field of software implementations. Cubicorp specializes in extended solutions that include various levels of automation and event-driven order fulfillment. Cubic ERP, Cubicorp's flagship product, is a totally integrated enterprise system providing technologically advanced, highly scalable solutions for engineering-intensive, order-driven manufacturing, as well as for project-specific environments. With real-time processing and a rich array of user-selectable features, it has the functionality and flexibility to support best business practices without the need for expensive custom
enhancements. At Cubicorp, their mission is to provide innovative software solutions that solve real-world business problems resulting in total customer satisfaction, profitability and competitive advantage.

Ralph Locher who is an attorney at Lerner and Greenberg, P.A. is joining the mission. Lerner and Greenberg is an intellectual property based law firm specializing in patents, trademarks, licensing, copyrights, unfair competition, etc. In 2003, they were ranked 21st in the nation for obtaining U.S.A. patents according to Intellectual Property Today magazine.

Lerner and Greenberg is interested in technology based companies dealing in semiconductors, electronic components, computer parts, aerospace, and mechanical arts, local law firms specializing in intellectual property and general practice law firms with an intellectual property division, and research universities.

Attending the mission will be MFZ Management Corporation’s President, German Leiva. MFZ is part of the service industry and is in the International Trade Field. MFZ is a freight-forwarding operation within a Foreign-Trade Zone. MFZ services the US-Latin American market from Miami, the Gateway of the Americas. They also promote Voice Over IP service connections via the internet with the switching terminating services in servers located in the United States of America.

The end users are global companies that need to service their U.S.A. and Latin American clients for in-transit merchandise and global communications. The service is typically offered by large logistics companies. They specialize in the Latin American market with a "boutique" type of personalized service. A freight forwarder requires a Federal Maritime Commission license. The foreign-trade zone program is administered by Customs and Border Protection and the phones do not require licensing at this time. The agent might share the markup in the freight forwarding services. Also, in the VoIP business there is a commision for the client's use of the telephone long distance terminating services.

MFZ is mostly interested in cargo agents, users for the foreign-trade zone and possibly manufacturers of internet telephones or potential agents for the distribution of the VoIP services. They are seeking distributors, agents, sales representatives or wholesalers.

Other members attending the mission are:

Carlos Banks, District Manager of Malaysia Airlines
Lauro Bianda, President of Agycon
John Diep, Director of Asia/Pacific Region of Enterprise Florida
Douglas Everett, President of Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce
Patrick Everett, Executive Assistant of Digital Media Network
Manjit Gill, Attorney of Becker & Poliakoff
Stephanie Heckel, Trade Assistant of the U.S. Commercial Service
Lorna Honecker, Prudential Florida First
Dr. Rolf Schroeder, Digital Media Network
Blake Spurlin, President of Spurlin Photography
Jim Tarlton, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Broward Alliance

I know this mission will be a huge success and I would like to thank everyone for their support. Large deals will be made from both sides, the U.S.A. and Malaysia, and we will look back on this mission and remember it.
A website has been created especially for this mission

Bernhard Schutte
CEO, Digital Media Network, Inc.