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Infrared galactophore diagnoses system

- Powerful picture process function
- Perfect image warehouse with its big volume hard disk o Processing picture with zooming in, zooming out, aclinic moving, rotating
- Super sensitive infrared CCD camera
- Perfect software to manage kinds of images and f les
- Display dynamic and static image at the same time on two screens
- CD-R as a option set can be used to save image forever o Functions: the functions both of PK3102 and PK3103

a. capture picture, freeze picture, thawy out image, color picture and display them
b. Measuring the diameter, girth and area of the focus.
c. Storage and analysis of the images
d. Zooming in and rotating static images; mirror right and lest of images; minus pictures
e. Process pictures with coded false color and copy
f. Colorful printing output

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