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Florida Trade Delegation Keen In Exploring Space Tourism.
Florida Trade Delegation Keen In Exploring Space Tourism.

PUTRAJAYA, March 1 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says that a trade delegation from Florida, currently on a seven-day visit, is keen in exploring space tourism in Malaysia.

He said that space tourism, a new industry, was getting popular in the US.

"As such, they have proposed to expand space tourism to Malaysia," he said after meeting the delegation, which arrived on Feb 27, here Tuesday.

Najib said that the 30-member delegation, headed by Digital Media Network Inc chief executive, Bernard Schuttle, felt that Malaysia has the potential and was suitable for the development of space tourism.

The delegation is visiting Malaysia under the "Opportunity Malaysia 2005" programme organised by the US Florida District Export Council.

Najib said that the delegation was also interested in expanding bilateral trade between Florida and Kuala Lumpur by making the "space industry city" as the logistics hub for Malaysian products to the US.

According to Najib the delegation had said that its trip here had provided them with a true picture of the real situation in the country.

Members of the delegation claimed that prior to this, they had little knowledge of Malaysia and were in fact portrayed with a somewhat negative image of the country.

"Now, after meeting several parties here they are astonished with our success and the friendliness of Malaysians," he said.

The delegation is due to visit Penang and Kedah.