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EBM to head Water Blasting's expansion to the Asia Pacific region
EBM to head Water Blasting's expansion to the Asia Pacific region

Another major South Florida company has expanded into the growing Asian Pacific region, coordinating the development with Electronic Business Management (EBM), a company which specializes in creating partnerships between companies in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Waterblasting Technologies, Inc., (Waterblasting Technologies) a leading global provider in the development and production of machinery utilized in the removal of markings and rubber from roads and runways, announced today the appointment of Electronic Business Management (EBM) to head its expansion to the Asia Pacific region. EBM will lead the company's overall expansion in Asia/Pacific and will provide strategic oversight for its first office in Asia that is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

James Crocker, President of Waterblasting Technologies and Bernhard Schutte, Chairman and Chief Negotiator of EBM America divisionThis move will allow Waterblasting Technologies to enter the Asian region and further develop key-client relationships.  “We are very excited to be entering the Malaysian market,” said James Crocker, President.  Waterblasting Technologies chooses Malaysia to take advantage of Malaysia’s centralized location in the region that allows them to easily leverage their products in over 15 Asian countries, including China. Bernhard Schutte, who is chairman and chief negotiator of EBM America division, explained that the strategic move for Waterblasting Technologies to open offices in Asia is opening a tremendous new market for the company. The huge infrastructure boom the Asian region is experiencing made this move a logical next step in Waterblasting Technologies, Inc. expansion process. Schutte added: “Malaysia is quickly becoming a hub for trade with Southeast Asia due to the advantages that it offers. English is the main language used for business in the country, making it easy to communicate directly with business contacts. As late as the 1970s, Malaysia was still a developing economy, based on raw materials and primary goods. Today, Malaysia has grown into one of the world’s major manufacturing and service hubs for the whole Asian region.”

About Waterblasting Technologies, Inc.
Waterblasting Technologies is a multimillion-dollar international company that manufactures high-pressure equipment that removes markings from roadways and rubber from airport runways.  They have sold their equipment in 16 countries and between Waterblasting Technologies and, a sister company who provides service, had revenue in excess of $15 million in 2007.  The outlook for Waterblasting Technologies in 2008 is very strong as sales continue on record pace domestically as well as internationally.  

About EBM Asia Sdn. Bhd,
EBM Asia Sdn. Bhd. specializes in creating partnerships between companies in Europe, Asia and the United States. As a full service consultancy, with service sectors including Business Development, Technical Development, Public Relations, Value Added Introductions, EBM is quickly becoming a powerful resource in helping companies grow and navigate their business. EBM works with U.S. and international companies including Government departments in all phases of development, ranging from established companies as well as those just starting out.